Kern F1

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  • Stronghold Outsole: These outsoles are made of real rubber for maximum grip. Distinct 3mm deep Y-pattern lugs are designed for reliable multi-directional hold on most surfaces.
  • Kernmantle-inspired Strap: Known as the tough rope relied on by mountain climbers as the lifeline that safely bears their weight and that of their equipment and supplies. KERN uses a rope strap with the same durable nylon core (120kg rating,) but with a softer nylon shell for comfort.
  • Steel-Reinforced Contoured Sole: In between the shock-absorbing, ultralight phylon topsole and the resilient rubber outsole, a 1mm thick metal spine is embedded. This is designed to provide unparalleled rigidity that allows the sole to keep its contoured profile. These components are then machine-pressed to maintain a consistent ergonomically-correct shape.